New Foundation Farms

Scale matters  to meet the challenge: we’re set-up to lead the fourth agricultural revolution in Europe towards the tipping point in favour of regenerative farming.

Our vision is the development of large scale regenerative agriculture in Europe, starting in the UK: farms which capture carbon, build soil vitality, create healthy food and provide a vibrant economic engine for the renewal of our countryside.

Our mission is to acquire farms and transform them into a vibrant network that is environmentally, socially and economically regenerative. We do this by working with the ability of natural systems to regenerate themselves.

We work through a best-in-class approach which is proven internationally.

It is called holistic management and it is already restoring land in every ecological and economic context – from organic sugar cane in tropical Brazil, to ranches on the prairies of North America.

As we acquire and then transform farms, we will build the capacity of a new generation of farmers to flourish and once again be able to afford their businesses in new models of ownership, and be able to pass them on to future generations.

New Foundation Farms: we’re building a new foundation for all our futures in partnership with nature.

“If you want to make small changes,
change the way you do things.
If you want to make major changes,
change the way you see things.”

– Don Campbell, Canadian rancher

While, typically, people think of farming as being about growing what we eat, it’s also about the fibres that we wear. Almost every fibre that forms the foundation of our clothing comes either from soil or oil (soil = cotton, wool, linen, silk etc.; oil = nylon, acrylic, polyester, spandex etc.).

Our mission is therefore about both food and fibre:

“To make agriculture part of the climate solution by catalysing the scaled transformation of farming to grow affordable, nutrient-dense food and high-quality fibre on regenerating soils.”