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The Mission


At New Foundation Farms we are building a regenerative agrifood enterprise which will produce food and fibre in a way that supports our soils, our communities and our health.

Starting in the UK, we will farm in a way that builds soil vitality, works with nature to support biodiversity, produces nutrient dense food and supports its neighbouring rural communities.

We are doing this with a network of expert international advisors and collaborators, openly sharing what we learn along the way. And, we can scale this way of farming, processing and selling, regionally, nationally, and beyond.

We are working with the ability of systems to regenerate themselves, both within nature and within rural communities.

The countryside can flourish and its rural communities with it, as we grow and make food and a new generation of farmers will be supported to afford their businesses with new models of operation and ownership.

We are laying new foundations for all our futures. Foundations that are radically natural.