About Wayne Gibbins

Wayne is a business technologist with a 20 year career in the software industry. He has worked across both various functions and geographies, covering Engineering, Product, Marketing, Management and Leadership. He has worked in roles across the UK, Europe and the United States. Wayne spent three years as a Venture Capitalist at Notion Capital examining companies in the space of B2B SaaS, Enterprise Software, Artificial Intelligence and Developer Tooling. He was Chief Commercial Officer at Wercker and supported its fundraising, growth and final sale to Oracle Corporation. Following a sabbatical period where he researched such topics as community, permaculture and regenerative agriculture he has retargeted his career to focus on Agriculture and brings scientific rigour, technological understanding and an innovation mindset to the industry. He is digging deep into scientific and technological solutions to accelerate the transition of farming to regenerative including current participation in an MSc Agricultural Technology & Innovation at the Royal Agricultural University and working closely with AgriFood Tech businesses through his advisory work. Throughout the last 10 years he has advised a variety of companies on topics such as technology, strategy and operations, both directly and through a variety of leading business accelerators. Whilst his Masters’ degree is in Agriculture he holds a Bachelor’s Degree, Software Engineering (BEng) from Manchester, and brings a broad knowledge of technologies and approaches to their utilisation to solve industry problems. He has particular interests in Soil Science, Artificial Intelligence, AgTech, the Future of Food and the Future of Agriculture and brings those interests together for New Foundation Farms as our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer COO/CTO designate, ensuring farming operations are conducted efficiently and effectively by the appropriate use of science, technology and ecologically centred processes. Wayne is a member of international networks Global Regeneration CoLab & Top Tier Impact and is a student member of the Institute of Agricultural Engineers (IAE), British Society of Soil Science and the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants.