Podcast miniseries on New Foundation Farms

The podcast miniseries on New Foundation Farms by Koen van Seijen of Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food follows us as we are raising £20m to build a regenerative agrifood enterprise starting on 1,000 acres in the UK where we will set out to produce food and fibre in a way that supports soil, communities and health.

The podcast explores why we call it radically natural farming, why we focus on scale and vertical integration, and what a regenerative enterprise means to us.

This episode: Paul Pizzala, from a London city private bank to the biggest regenerative farm in the UK

The latest episode in our miniseries introduces our CIO Paul Pizzala and his journey from a career in the city of London to leading our investment activity via a permaculture course and Schumacher College.

As with every episode, we are being radically transparent about our personal views and our learnings as we fundraise £20m to develop the UK’s largest regenerative farm. Our enterprise is designed to be fully regenerative and operate a field to fork model and Paul talks about what this can mean for any investor in terms of our equity offer, the returns and the impact over time.

To find out more, click here to go straight to the interview on the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food website.