Attention Truffle Hunters

We have launched a £5 million
private share placement

New Foundation Farms has commenced a £5 million funding round to build the UK’s first deep regeneration Food & Farming Hub.

The ecological, economic and human consequences of our existing food system are clear: Our global chemical industrial monoculture supply chains degrade soil and land, accelerate the climate crisis, destroy biodiversity, pollute water systems, impoverish farming communities, create food insecurity and give us junk food which undermines our health.

New Foundation Farms is a disruptor enterprise set up to unlock a different path. Deep regeneration recognizes that we are at an ‘iPhone moment’ for the food system where advances in soil science and ecology mean we can build an entirely new food system.

“Putting eco-friendly knobs on industrial monoculture just isn’t good enough,” says Clare Hill, New Foundation Farms’ Director of Farming with Nature. “It still leaves farmers at the mercy of Big Food.”

“We have designed a food system enterprise which will rebuild our communities, regenerate and reconnect us to nature while producing, affordable, nutritionally-dense, local food that improves our health and nurtures our well-being,” says co-founder Marcus Link.

“In 2022, after three years of self-funded R&D we raised seed funding from leading regenerative agriculture investors through an oversubscribed convertible loan. With those funds we expanded our high-calibre team and completed our planning phase. Our new Private Share Placement will allow us to acquire a ca. 250 acre farm and establish our first vertically integrated field-to-fork regenerative hub, build a disruptive direct-to-citizen home delivery food brand and bring the enterprise to profit within 3 years,” says CFO Ali Murrell.

“This is the first Phase of our plan to grow to 60 000 acre in scale over a decade,” says co-founder Mark Drewell. “This is not about moving the deck chairs on an industrial food titanic. This is about stewarding something bigger than any of us – literally the creation of a new foundation for society in a new food & farming system.”


T&Cs apply: The Private Share Placement is open to qualified informed investors only.

For further information please contact Mark Drewell by email


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