Regenerative Agriculture start-up New Foundation Farms strengthens team with Wayne Gibbins joining as CTO/COO

21 October 2020

Experienced tech entrepreneur and operator Wayne Gibbins is joining New Foundation Farms to further develop the start-up’s technology base and operational model, in a key appointment to bolster the venture’s bid to demonstrate regenerative agriculture commercially at scale so farming in the UK becomes a profitable ecological solution.

Wayne has a 20-year history in the technology sector, having worked in operational and leadership roles and as a venture capitalist. He was recently CCO of Wercker, acquired by Oracle.

Commenting on the announcement Mark Drewell, Executive Chairman of New Foundation Farms, said:

“All farms face a common challenge to transition to farming profitably in a post-subsidy future while capturing carbon, improving water quality, and building back biodiversity. Our business model is based on acquiring and transforming farms to regenerative agriculture so they are profitable, by growing affordable nutrient-dense food at scale. Agritech will play a key role in this but we are clear that we are not employing technology for technology’s sake. So, with his extensive experience and genuine passion for the regenerative approach, Wayne will ensure we integrate the very best technology into our systems, to achieve the best outcomes.”

Wayne is currently embarking on an MSc in Agricultural Technology and Innovation at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester and said:

“When I met the team at New Foundation Farms, I was excited by their bold mission to be a large-scale disruptor in the farming sector. This is the way to demonstrate at scale how knowledge-led regenerative agriculture can be an effective solution to the challenges of industrial farming. In my own research over the past three years, I had concluded that the challenge is not to prove that it is possible – that has already been done internationally.  Our task is to apply that international experience in the UK. Technology and Science will be at the heart of that. I am looking forward to developing innovative solutions in-house whilst working closely with leading Agtech companies, both established and start-up, and our experienced farm managers to achieve the goal of regenerating soil efficiently, at scale, whilst producing high quality food.”

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About New Foundation Farms

Our vision is the development of large scale regenerative agriculture in Europe, starting in the UK: farms which capture carbon, build soil vitality, create healthy food and provide a vibrant economic engine for the renewal of our countryside.

Our mission is to acquire farms and transform them into a vibrant network that is environmentally, socially and economically regenerative. We do this by working with the ability of natural systems to regenerate themselves.

We work through a best-in-class approach which is proven internationally.

It is called holistic management and it is already restoring land in every ecological and economic context – from organic sugar cane in tropical Brazil, to ranches on the prairies of North America.

As we acquire and then transform farms, we will build the capacity of a new generation of farmers to flourish and once again be able to afford their businesses in new models of ownership, and be able to pass them on to future generations.

New Foundation Farms: we’re building a new foundation for all our futures in partnership with nature.


To contact New Foundation Farms, address your enquiry to Mark Drewell, Executive Chairman.

Wayne Gibbins joins New Foundation Farms as CTO/COO

Wayne Gibbins joins New Foundation Farms.

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