We have completed our executive team as Kirsty Saddler and Paul Pizzala officially join New Foundation Farms, as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Investment Officer. They bring what we need to take our regenerative agrifood enterprise to the next stage.

Kirsty has extensive experience in brand, communications and most recently purpose-led marketing at Naturally Fast Food brand LEON restaurants, which will help develop New Foundation Farms as a mission led enterprise that plays its part in transforming our food system.
Paul will lead our first round of fundraising for grants, philanthropy and impact capital and focus on developing strategic investor relations as the company accelerates its growth plan from 1,000 to 60,000 acres over the next 10 years.

We are excited for the progress we intend to make in the next two months with our executive team supported by Stefano Semprini, Edmund Sutcliffe and Glyn Jones, a strong international advisory board, our strategic partners 3LM, Land and Livestock Management for Life, and Fresh Retail.

Never has change in farming and food been more needed. This comes at a time when people are significantly re-engaging with the role food plays in their health and our society.