The Manifesto

Food is always in our reach

It’s crammed on shelves, in packets, it hurtles towards us on delivery trucks, or arrives on stark white plates.

Yet, real food is out of reach

It is produced by farming that is more corporate than it is connected. A kind of farming that destroys nature and disconnects people from it. That’s no-one’s fault, but there is a fault line that shouldn’t be there.

There is another way

One that is wilder, more unkempt yet more true to how food and farming should be. Some farmers around the world are starting to work with nature, in a wilder more vital way.

Working with nature, is the way we want to work

In farming the soil, all animals, crops, grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds will thrive. In farming the soil, the worms, microbes and mycelium are our collaborators. Their technology will help us leap forward.

This is not harking back

At New Foundation Farms we believe this way of working can transform how everyone sees farming, the closeness we feel and appreciation we hold for it.

We are for radically natural farming and food

This radically natural way of farming will produce more nutritious food. Food that will help fill the growing gap between us, everyone, and the natural world. We believe these are the foundations on which we can take better care of ourselves and our planet.