Founders & Collaborative CEOs

Photo of Planet Earth Number One Shareholder of New Foundation Farms


#1  Co-Founder,
Shareholder & Role Model

“We have
literally made Nature
a shareholder.”


Photo of Mark Drewell Collaborative CEO New Foundation Farms

Mark Drewell

Co-Founder &
Collaborative CEO

Mark thinks big and acts fast. He is a true change agent at the edge of business and society.


Photo of Marcus Link Collaborative CEO New Foundation Farms

Marcus Link

Co-Founder &
Collaborative CEO

Marcus is a deep systems thinker with a strong entrepreneurial drive, on a mission to disrupt the status quo.


Executive Team & Directors

Photo of Glen Burrows Head of Brand and Marketing New Foundation Farms

Glen Burrows

Head of
Brand & Marketing

Photo of Clare Hill Farming Director New Foundation Farms

Clare Hill

Director Farming
with Nature

Photo of Caroline Mason Director Innovating Healthy Food Systems New Foundation Farms

Caroline Mason

Non-Exec Director Innovating
Healthy Food Systems

Photo of Alistair Murrell New Foundation Farms

Alistair Murrell

Head of

Photo of Paul Pizzalla New Foundation Farms

Paul Pizzala

Non-Exec Director

Photo of Dr Annie Rayner New Foundation Farms

Dr Annie Rayner

Head of
Research & Development

Photo of Kirsty Saddler CMO New Foundation Farms

Kirsty Saddler

Non-Exec Director
Brand & Marketing

Photo of Kevin Wissett-Warner Estate Management

Kevin Wissett-Warner

Estates Management


Our associates regularly commit time and expertise to planning our operations,
developing our enterprises, and exploring new opportunities.

Photo of Michael Boyle Farm Retail Advisor of New Foundation Farms

Michael Boyle

Farm Retail & Food Processing
FreshRetail Group Ltd

Photo of Sheila Cooke Ecological Assessment, Training & Education Advisor of New Foundation Farms

Sheila Cooke

Savory Institute Hub

Photo of Harry Epsom New Foundation Farms

Harry Epsom

Regenerative Land Agency
Epsom Rural

Photo of Andrew Gilhespy

Andrew Gilhespy

Milling, Baking & Making
Fresh Flour Ltd

Photo of Rachel Hammond

Rachel Hammond

Regenerative Food Production

Photo of Pete Russell Gate-to-Plate Expert of New Foundation Farms

Pete Russell

Gate-to-Plate Expert

Photo of Edmund Sutcliffe Associate Farmer New Foundation Farms

Edmund Sutcliffe

Agroecosystem Designer
Holistic Land Innovations

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