Hello there people enjoying Groundswell, Lannock Manor Farm and a lot of regenerative learning. We are excited to be among you.

We are a regenerative agrifood enterprise, designed to respond to both the challenges and opportunities that exist in the industries of agriculture and food. Our aim is to take an entrepreneurial approach to ensure the potential of regenerative practices are realised in the field all the way through to fork, that it’s profitable and has positive impact.

This is by putting importance on profit not yield per acre, through stacked enterprise on farmland and by disintermediating the supply chain, so reducing the links and the distance from the farm to the customer’s dinner table. This will reduce operating cost, retain value by housing a processing capability on the farm land and generating greater profit with a retail platform for direct to customer sales.

Find out more about the Five Planet Threatening Reasons We Exist here and the developed view we have on the impacts of our business model and operation here

Read a more detailed overview of New Foundation Farms and our business model here.

We are fundraising for £20million to acquire land and develop our operations. To discuss the investment opportunity please contact Paul Pizzala pp@newfoundationfarms.com / 07788694757

We are also keen to discuss partnering for land, if this is a discussion you want to have contact Marcus Link ml@newfoundationfarms.com / 07885705181

We would welcome sharing our learnings and insights on how to transition farmland to regenerative profitably, to discuss this contact Mark Drewell md@newfoundationfarms.com / 07805568493